Vegan Pad Thai Stir Fry – in 5 easy steps

Let’s talk about ways to make vegetables last longer without wilting, getting filmy texture, or getting soggy. Stir fries are always great! But stir fries with flavors and that can freeze are even better!

Like most of my recipes you’ll read about on my blog, I didn’t measure a single thing for this stir fry. I have a rule in my kitchen: measure with your heart. That simply means, if you like that ingredient, add as much of it as you want. If you don’t like it, only add a little bit or simply eliminate it entirely.

Pad Thai Stir Fry is no different. Use what you like, get rid of what you don’t. Let’s talk about this in FIVE easy steps.

Step 1: Cut your spaghetti squash in half and bake it for about 40-45 minutes depending on size. The larger the squash, the longer is bakes. The smaller the squash, the less it needs to bake.

Step 2: While your squash is baking, you’ll make your cream. I’d suggest putting about 2-4tbsp of cashew butter into your blender with about 1/4 cup of vegetable broth. Add in 2-3 garlic cloves, about 1-2tsp of garlic, 1-2tsp of ginner, 1-2tbsp of curry. Blend it all together. Again, if you like one of those flavors a lot, add more. I LOVE ginger and always add a lot of it! Blend it all really well until it becomes a creamy texture. Use this moment to play in the kitchen. Experiment with your blender and the flavors here. Add more of things as you go if you’d like.

Step 3: Let the blender set for a while and start stir-frying your veggies in a saute pan. Start with 1tsp coconut oil in the pan. Add in 1 diced onion and let it become carmelized and flavorful in the coconut oil. Add in some diced green onions and about 2-4 sliced carrots – more if you love carrots as much as I do. Let the carrots get soft before adding in your peppers. I say: think Asian stir fries. Go for the color in your peppers. Add a few of each color. Let all those veggies fry together for a hot minute.

Step 4: Remember the sauce in your blender. Pour that into your veggies and stir well. Leave it on a low simmer for about 3-5 minutes.

Step 5: By now your spaghetti squash may be done. Take it out of the oven. Scoop it out onto your plates. Give each person about 1 cups worth of spaghetti squash. Top with as much veggies as they’d like.

Now realize – you can add whatever foods into this stir fry you’d like. I’ve made it many times and put different veggies in. For example, I have started adding mushrooms because they are delicious and I feel like mushrooms appear in a lot of Asian recipes. You can also add in some chicken or sausage so you have some protein in your stir fry.

I encourage you to use this as a “foundation” to your stir fry. Think outside the box, make some changes. Make it the way you like. When you try it, snap a photo, post it and tag me.

Lastly, this does freeze well. So if you have loaded up on veggies while quarantined, make some stir fry in bulk and freeze it.

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