Getting Started: Where I started

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We All Start Somewhere…

Our health and wellness is always a work in progress; it’s a beautiful journey.

The unique thing about me is  – I haven’t always been fit, or healthy, or a runner. I was far from being an athlete.  When I moved to Colorado, I was over 200 pounds. I didn’t understand food, or the obsession with the outdoors. Then, I started running, hiking, backpacking, breathing in the mountain air, seeing what was over the next hill, around the next curve.

My running was a metaphor for life – always wanting to know what was coming next – getting their faster, breathing in the moment. Over time, I lost the weight, I ran more, farther, faster. I ran in places I had only dreamt of seeing – from the San Juan Mountains to the Grand canyon.  I found myself determined to reach the goal of running a 50k, then a 50 miler. There is always a new goal to be set, new places to go, places that can only be seen by feet. 

Whether you’re fighting against health issues or working on health maintenance, training for a 5k or a marathon, or needing to lose 5 pounds or 100 pounds, we all start somewhere. Where you are now, and what you desire to be is a matter of goal setting with me as your professional coach.

I am happy to work alongside you every step of this beautiful journey and help choose the path that is best for your goals.

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