2024 Consultations

Let’s agree for a minute that health and wellness is absolutely NOT a “one size fits all” lifestyle. It it were, doctors would hold group sessions, not individual client appointments, right? Right.

That being said, the wellness industry should be customized and tailored to YOUR specific needs as well, just like your doctor visits. That is why I have created my 2024 special consultations. Whether you need your macros tailored to your nutrition lifestyle, or meal plans custom to your dietary needs, or exercise routines that fit into your body’s ability, the consultations are a great place to begin.

Consulting with Heather will allow you to create individualized routines, recipes/meals that you may need, or workouts that you will succeed in. For further details, read through the visual below, message Heather and get started today.

The total value of a consultation from the first conversation to the final follow up is $150.00. But all together, your consultation investment with this special is just $90.00.