Determining Your Day

It’s no secret that as this world changes and evolves, we are all navigating a new territory of the unknown. Our days are changing. Our sleep is off. Even kiddos feel the anxiety in the air. While I don’t have the answers, what I do know is that most of us thrive off from structure, and that structure thrives off from three things: Routines. Checklists. Calendars.

While I cannot set a full routine for you for all 24 hours of your day or all 7 days of the week, I would like to help you create a morning routine and a checklist for just one hour of your day. The following visual is what I refer to as the MORNING POWER HOUR. Ideally, it’s the first hour of your day, to set the tone, set the intentions, find peace within yourself to have smooth day. Even if it’s not the first hour of your day, if you can fit a power hour into your day 3-5 times a week, you will slowly feel the benefits of a structured routine, with checklists and calendars galore.

Please watch the video link here as I talk you through, mentor you through your power hour and how to navigate the unknown through what I call “DETERMINING YOUR DAY.”

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