Nail Down Your Nutrition Nutrition 101

Nail Down Your Nutrition 101 is a nutrition program completely built and designed by Coach Heather herself. The program itself is not a “don’t eat this, give up this, you cannot have this” type of program. This program is created by Heather, through a series of videos where Heather TEACHES you the how, what, why, when to macro and micro nutrients.

In the past, Heather has coached Nail Down Your Nutrition in a group setting via facebook groups. Nowadays, Heather coaches clients individually, one on one. If interested, continue reading.

You need to read through the following details and message Heather with:

  1. Do you have interest in the Nail Down Your Nutrition program?
  2. Do you want to enroll?
  3. Do you want solo rider, taxi rider, or limo rider?
  4. Do you want to begin your nutrition journey with a consultation? If you need information about Heather’s consultations, please visit this site

The visual below addresses majority of the FAQ. But, first let’s chat about two common FAQs I get:

One FAQ I get is the time commitment. It is like taking an online class. You will want to dedicate 30-45 minutes a day reviewing resources, videos, and participating. Nutrition is twice as important as fitness, and often takes about the same amount of a time we’d dedicate to a workout, if not more: 30-45 minutes daily.

The second FAQ I often get is about how my program works with various needs and restrictions such as gluten free, dairy free, soy free, celiac, auto immune, sugar free and many other restrictions. The answer is this – This isn’t a “must eat, can’t eat” program. This is an educational program with videos where I teach macros, micros, menopause, meal prep hacks, and why/how, when/what to foods. If you do have specific needs and restrictions, you do need to consider the LIMO RIDER package with full on coaching where I help you navigate the restrictions in order to still eat a nutrient dense plan.

If you are curious how well this program does or doesn’t work, I assure you that if YOU put in the work, the program works. Progress photos from real life clients are shown below.

Everything that I teach you in this 90 days is what I have been living & creating for the past 10 years. My lifestyle and my sustainable results are proof that you will not be in a diet for hte rest of your life. You will learn to eat well, have a great relationship with food, and manage choices in the long run. Each of the photos below is me. Real person, eating real food, doing real coaching.