Quarantine Brownies, anyone?

All jokes aside, I really did purchase baking cocoa powder, peanuts, and chocolate on my last grocery store trip before “shelter in place” began. I know that chocolate is my weakness and I knew baking is comforting. I knew that eventually I’d want to experiment.

So, let’s talk about sugar free, yet super chocolately-nutty brownies. And, why are they in individual ramekin dishes? Well, first of all, we have a rule in our house that we can only bring in desserts in individual portion sizes and we can only bake sweets in the amount we’ll eat in that sitting. We try hard to not have sweets and processed foods just hanging out. Because, let’s be honest – we’ll eat it all that night.

So, I made just enough for two individual ramekin dishes for Josh and I. I made them in FIVE easy steps!

Step 1: Bake 1 sweet potato until soft.

Step 2: Put the following into your blender: 1 cup mashed sweet potato, 1/4 cup baking cocoa powder, 1/2 cup nut butter of your choice. I had actually made 1/2 cup worth using powdered peanut butter. Add in about 1tbsp natural honey. Blend well until a brownie mix consistency.

Step 3: This is when you can add in any “extras” of your choice. I added in 1/4 cup peanuts for a nutty brownie. But you can add in any nuts, chocolate chips, dried fruits or anything.

Step 4: Pour equal amounts into your ramekin dishes.

Step 5: Bake 12-15 minutes at 350 degrees, or until baked all the way through.

Remove from the oven and enjoy!

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