I am  Heather Blakeman, an online wellness coach based out of Telluride, Co. 

Focusing on overall wellness, I work with clients on all areas of their health. I believe in the relationship with exercise and physical movement, mindset, understanding food and nutrition, learning to cook efficiently and fueling the body for life tasks.

I teach both food and fitness classes. I aim to teach a wide variety of exercise so we don’t get bored in our routine of movement. What I instruct includes barre, spin get fit while you sit, strengthen and lengthen, core and restore stretch, foam rolling and more. When I teach nutrition, I base my ingredients and cooking off a new theme and new recipe each week, focusing on macro and micro nutrients, emphasizing what vitamins and minerals do for the body. As a coach, I strive to bring functional fitness and functional food into the homes of everyone.  

My story, told by me: