Sample Workouts & Videos

Whether needing an indoor workout while traveling, rainy day, or just add some variety into your routine, I am grateful you stopped by my site to see a few different sample offerings. At the end of the post, there are several links to youtube videos I have taught in the past and present as samples. They are typically about 30 minute workouts.

Teaching on zoom and recording movement for the average person is one of my favorite things to do. I teach anywhere from 5-10 zoom session per week, each of different variety. So, I present to you a few samples to try out, listed below. But, before we get there, I want to to be sure you know my weekly zoom schedule in case you ever want LIVE options and/or the newest content possible:

If you are ever interested in subscriptions to my LIVE or newest workouts, don’t hesitate to check out my coaching services.

In addition, I present a sample nutrition video I taught about MACRO NUTRIENTS. If the nutrition video piques your interest, let’s absolutely chat about my full on nutrition program, built by me.




Cardio Core HIIT:

Upper Body Burn:

Get Fit While You Sit:

Full Body Burn:

Foam Rolling:

Friday Flow:

If you read this far and you are interested in enrolling with LIVE or recorded workouts, let’s chat. The easiest way to contact me is via Facebook Messenger or Instagram DMs. Though, email also works.