Stock Up On Nutrients

Wow! What a few weeks it has been. I don’t think there is anything that ever prepares you for your entire country to change in just a few days. But, since we are all in worry together (I prefer the word WORRY, rather than panic) let’s share some ideas.

I know that food is a comfort amenity that has been available to us in large portions over the years. As the grocery stores have been stripped clear over the past few days, it’s evident that food is definitely a source of comfort. While food is very important, I want to really talk about the difference of FOOD versus NUTRIENTS. I want to help you learn how to stock up on nutrients, rather than just food fillers. And, since you know I am a huge advocate of eating all the food groups and balancing macros, I am listing out the foods that fall into each category and save/freeze really well.

I’ve heard that proteins are very hard to find these days. However, if you can find some, frozen meats, canned meats, yogurts, and eggs all do last. You can also freeze yogurt. If it thaws with a weird texture, add some fruit and granola to make it into a parfait. Or blend it into a smoothie. But, please don’t deprive yourself of the amino acids and probiotics that proteins provide our bodies.

When it comes to your carbs, I know that oats, quinoa, rice, beans, barley, lentils and other dried goods don’t sound delicious. But, the great news is that you can make them taste like any dish. Curried lentils is one of my favorites!

When it comes to your fats, staying focused on your plant based fats will help. Seeds, nuts, coconut, and coconut oil last a very long time. These are dried goods that can be purchased in the bulk food section and last for months. Enjoy them!

Fruits and vegetables are going to be your biggest challenge. Rumor has it that even the freezer and canned sections are cleared out. Hopefully you can find at least a few. But hey, when you do, stock up. They last a while.

Need a good recipe to incorporate these foods in a “bulk” recipe. These are two “breakfast” recipes, but could actually be eaten any time of the day. And, your kiddos may love them, too!

Like I said, freezing yogurt is okay. Once you’ve frozen it, you can make some overnight oats. I’d say they last well for 3 days. After that, the texture gets weird. But, it’s balanced macros and delicious!

Breakfast shakshuka is one of my favorites. I LOVE any type of Mediterranean/Arabic/Indian flavored foods. This recipe is perfect becuase not only are these items fairly easy to find in bulk and it freezes well, but it’s also very anti inflammatory. So if you are eating to stay healthy, lean, free of illness, this one is super helpful.

Enjoy these recipes. Try them. Take photos. Post them, tag me!

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