Part 2 of – Bringing Your Health Home: Home Workouts

Last week, (in previous blog, right below this one), I wrote to you guys about my most-grabbed-gear + the gear we will be using in 2021 zoom classes……

The photo here is my favorite items of workout support: blocks, balls, bands, towels, rollers, pushup stands, sliders, dumbbells and my bike of course.

While the photo may look overwhelming at first, please note and understand that I started home workouts using body weight resistance and nothing else. I did HIIT workouts that didn’t require a single piece of equipment. These are simply the tools I have acquired throughout the years.

The following video talks about the how, why, and when I use these tools as ASSISTANCE to improve moves, but also RESISTANCE to increase the challenge of certain moves.

Once you watch, I would LOVE to hear about which exercises and tools you see yourself using over the course of 2021.

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