Exploring Your Potential, Finding Your Worth

Last month we hit one year of living the new, “virtual” lifestyle. While it hasn’t been ideal for everybody, we did take time you celebrate one year of our virtual communities, new friendships, and our newly found value of health over the year.

If there’s one thing a year of COVID precautions has taught our culture, it’s that we do indeed want to live, we want to keep our bodies safe, healthy, and protected. Whether in terms of COVID or not, we value our lives and the lives of others, including the elder. We are willing to go the extra efforts to protect ourselves and others in order to live out a life of quality and potential.

We are learning to go the extra mile to prioritize our own health, our potential, our self worth.  This is a topic I presented my clients with last week.  I asked some very tough questions and scenarios…

I challenged the ladies to think about the theme “peak potential.” I challenged them to recognize that there are some areas of our lives where we are living above and beyond potential, yet on the flip side there are areas where we are not fully reaching maximum potential.  

I presented a few open ended questions and let the ladies take notes. A week has passed and we’ve had a chance to explore our potential.   Exploring the answers within, where our potential is, where we are maxing our energy, has not been an easy feat whatsoever. It’s a deep topic, and can be overwhelming.  But one thing for sure is that my wish for all women and their mental health is to not only know their potential, but value their worth.

Speaking of potential + self worth together….

Every day that you spend working towards your potential is 24 hours of honoring your worth, knowing your value.  Every hour that you spend bettering yourself is 60 minutes of honoring your that. Every minute is 60 seconds of time well spent.

As you inch closer and closer to your potential each day, you will see, recognize, and honor your worth. Your value will shine. You will no longer question the concept of taking care of you. 

If you, the reader of the blog, relate and/or struggle with your potential, value, self worth I leave you with a few tips to try each day:

  1. Speak kind to yourself.
  2. Move and stretch your body each day, always ending with a hug to yourself. 
  3. Drink your water, slowly and intimately with relaxed deep breaths for self awareness.
  4. Breathe: Take in fresh air, outdoor breaths everyday.
  5. Journal and write positive affirmations.  Read them.
  6. Hold your head high and radiate confidence.

As you begin to follow these practices, you will inch closer and closer to your maximum potential all the while finding your worth. You will recognize the importance of valuing your worth and never accepting less.

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