2024 Health With Heather: Managing Menopause

Learning about your overall health through mindset, movements, and your healthy meal choices. Living a healthier lifestyle day by day.

Every 90 days, Heather coaches a new round of “Health with Heather” with a new focus area. The focus for April, May, June is MANAGING MENOPAUSE THROUGH MOVEMENT AND MEALS.

2024 Health With Heather Questionnaire Application: https://forms.gle/ybUyLXUSZRLz26o59


Health With Heather Program Description + What it includes

Health With Heather Program Description + What it includes

  • Live zoom workouts, 30 MINUTES each. Schedule will be posted monthly.
  • Access to the recorded zoom workouts.
  • Daily coaching and guidance within a group setting in an exclusive facebook group with accountability
  • Daily prompts & educational tips teaching you something new everyday of your health and wellness journey.
  • 24/7 Access to every recorded workout Heather has ever taught, including all the series Heather has created over the years: 10 minute time frame, Get Fit While You Sit, Full Body Barre, Spin, Strengthen and Lengthen, Core & Restore Stretch, Cardio HIIT, Yoga Flow, Yoga Sculpt, Foam Rolling, Lower Body Burn, Upper Body Burn, AAA, Tabatas, + more
  • Printable Workouts
  • Education on exercise, nutrition, and affirmations
  • Mindset Coaching
  • Heather’s Self Designed “Nail Down Your Nutrition” Self Paced, Self Paced Course Contents
  • Heather’s Ebook of Nutrition cheat sheets & content
  • Our Bodies Through Time – Menopause & More resources
  • 3 Day Whole Food Cleanse – Created by Heather
  • 3 Day Juice Cleanse – Created by Heather
  • 28 Day Meal Plan with Recipes – Created by Heather
  • 100+ Educational Nutrition Videos
  • Seasonal & Featured Recipes for each month
  • Monthly “Health With Heather” zoom calls to plan your week (schedule made monthly)



Health With Heather Membership Packages

  • Solo Rider Package: $150/3 months (comes out to less than $12/week, $50/month)
  • Taxi Rider Package: $225.00/3 months (comes out to less than $20/week, $75/month)
  • Limo Rider Package: $299/3 months (comes out to $25/week, $99/month)
  • Jet Rider Package: $199.00 per month. Month by month package.

*If you need a one month subscription, please talk to Heather individually. Otherwise all commitments and subscriptions are for 3

Initial Enrollment Fee: $6.95

This enrollment fee covers the consulting to be sure we get you set up in the correct groups with the right fit, along with all of your individualized materials. Each time you leave/re-join a group, the enrollment fees applies.

*Solo Rider Packages ONLY include the group and coaching in the group setting. Solo rider packages do NOT include unlimited messaging/emailing. and do NOT include private check ins.

*Taxi Rider Packages includes everything in the solo rider AND private weekly check ins via messenger on Mondays. Monday morning checkins are for Heather to check in, answer any questions, provide accountability to complete workouts, provide coaching and guidance to stay on track with nutrition, and complete other needs. This package option does NOT including checking meal plans and food logs.

*Limo rider includes all of that of solo rider, taxi rider AND unlimited messaging. This package includes private weekly check ins via messenger to review your food log on an ap/program of your choices & workout calendar. If you are the type of person that needs individualized coaching, unlimited messages to send food photos or screen shots of your macros, weekly check ins, meal plan and tracker sheet reviews, you should consider the limo rider package.

*Jet Rider Package: everything included in the solo rider, taxi rider, and limo rider PLUS a 30 minute consultation to begin and weekly 30 minute one-on-one mentorship calls with Coach Heather to review your overall wellness.



And if you still need more/different coaching, or maybe you need truly CUSTOMIZED COACHING there are always additional add-ons of Health Offerings that Heather has:

How to Join: