Monthly Workshops

Enrollment in a monthly seminar includes 4 weeks of coaching and mentoring from me as your coach. Every monthly seminar is unique in its own way and tailored to that season, but always includes all aspects of wellness. All content is created by me, and intended to meet the needs of the clients.

For the month of remainder of 2020, I have chosen to coach ONLY TWO workshop topics – both of which come from client interest and client requests. These TWO workshops are as follows –

1. Wellness Workshop – focuses entirely on nutrition and food choices, and learn how to successfully dial in our macro nutrients, consume all our food groups in the correct manners. This workshop includes my nutrition e-book that I’ve created to provide you meal plan templates, directions of how to follow the meal plans, correct portions/ratios of your food groups, information on macros and much more. This nutrition workshop also includes sample meal plans, tracker sheets, and accountability to keeping your eating in line all month long.

2. Actively Ageless Workshop – focuses entirely on physical activity and daily exercise. This is the workshop where you’ll have full access to my entire archive of recorded classes (90+ recordings) and where I’ll be teaching a LIVE classes everyday at 7amPT, 8amMT, 9amCT, 10amET.

For additional information on these workshops, please see my 2020 offerings page:

Fitness & Food Classes

I host in person and virtual fitness classes and workshops:

  • Barre
  • Spin
  • Get Fit While You Sit
  • Strengthen and Lengthen
  • Stretch
  • Foam Rolling
  • HIIT Workouts
  • Stance & Alignment
  • Fascia Tissue & Body Work

I teach virtual nutritional workshops of various topics:

  • Full Body Cleanse
  • Macros & Meal Prep
  • Nail Down Your Nutrition
  • Monthly Workshops- topics rotate

Personal Consultations

Whether local to me as your coach (Western Slope Colorado) or distance separates us, I focus on personalizing the journey for you. Your consultation can be in person or a phone call. Together you and I will customize the plan to meet your goals.

Pricing Menu

This pricing menu includes EVERYTHING from the workshops, to seminars, to specials to sales for 2020.