July Offerings!


For the month of JULY, I have chosen to coach ONLY TWO workshop topics – both of which come from client interest and client requests. These TWO workshops are
1. Wellness Workshop – focuses entirely on nutrition and food choices, and learn how to successfully dial in our macro nutrients, consume all our food groups in the correct manners.
2. Actively Ageless Workshop – focuses entirely on physical activity and where I’ll be teaching a LIVE classes everyday at 7amPT, 8amMT, 9amCT, 10amET.

While these workshops are very different themed workshops, you are more than welcome to join in on one or both. If you are looking fine tune your nutrition, but also amp up your level of physical activity, it is A-OKAY to commit to both workshops. It is absolutely do-able.

If you choose to participate in both groups, it will be your responsibility to organize your calendar, your checklists, your groups, the information in each group and more. You will need to know when/where to find information for each workshop.

If you are the type of person who thrives better in private coaching and individualized nutrition help, the NAIL DOWN YOUR NUTRITION or the PERSONALIZED PACKAGES specials are more your style, which is explained in the PDFs listed below.

For overall prices, you may view this as a photo or open the PDF below:

If you’re the type of person who likes to see the entire menu as a whole (like me), please open this document right here where you will find FIVE pages of info. Let me break it down for you:
Page 1: Price Menu
Page 2: The Nail Down Your Nutrition Special
Page 3: The Personalized Packages
Page 4: The Workshop Descriptions
Page 5: The solo-seminar workshops & How to Enroll

In case you are not seeing exactly what you are looking for on the menu – I have created what I call the PERSONALIZED PACKAGE OPTIONS. The Personalized Package options have been designed for those who are in need of personalized planning week to week. Whether working towards weight loss, weight maintenance, sports training, overcoming injury, staying active through age, training for a specific race, or any other specific goal, the Personalized Package options are meant to fit into your lifestyle and can be altered week to week based on your schedule. Being that it is a PERSONALIZED package, if there is additional material/guidance you need on your journey, request and Heather can absolutely alter that PERSONALIZED option to meet your needs.