2023 Coaching Services & Pricing

A little insight to what I do and what I offer and how my coaching works:

Functional Foods & Fitness!

The two main areas I coach is food and fitness. Starting in January 2023, I have three main facebook groups “workshops” for coaching food and fitness: Nail Down Your Nutrition 101 Course, Wellness Workshop, and Actively Ageless. ageless.

These three workshops are very different. The Nail Down Your Nutrition 101 is the beginners course for learning the what, why, how, and when of macro/micro nutrients, along with learning the importance of earthy items such as plants, produce, herbs, and more. The Actively Ageless = exercise + physical activity. The Wellness Workshop = nutrition 101 + macros + meals + recipes.

While these three workshops are very different themed workshops, you are more than welcome to join in on one or more. If you are looking fine tune your nutrition, but also amp up your level of physical activity, it is A-OKAY to commit to multiple workshops. It is absolutely do-able. If you choose to participate in more than one group, it will be your responsibility to organize your calendar, your checklists, your groups, the information in each group and more. You will need to know when/where to find information for each workshop.

In order to join these challenges, you will need either a three or six month subscription to the workshop of your choice. The membership pricing and descriptions are as follows:

It’s very possible that you don’t need full on packages or full on workshops. If you are just getting started and actually just need the individualized coaching and/or enhancements that will enrich your experience, athletics and training – see the below options. The list below explains the self paced add-ons that you can choose from.

Maybe you just need a small, get started challenge to get moving and motivated.

To join any of Heather’s groups, challenges, or coaching – message Heather directly. Payment can be done via facebook messenger, venmo, or paypal.

For enrollment information, I’d be happy to help out.

If you’re the type of person who likes to see the entire menu as a whole (like me), please open this PDF document right here where you will find four pages of info. Let me break it down for you:
Page 1: The Descriptions
Page 2: Membership Menu
Page 3: The Enhancement Menu
Page 3: The Enrollment Directions

In case you are not seeing exactly what you are looking for on the menu – I am very flexible. I am credible in what I do and can offer a variety of services to meet YOUR individual needs. Whether working towards weight loss, weight maintenance, sports training, overcoming injury, staying active through age, training for a specific race, or any other specific goal, my coaching can be tailored to fit into your lifestyle and can be altered week to week based on your schedule.