June Options & Virtual Class Schedule

Join me for June classes! I will be leading a few different facebook groups, each themed differently: Wellness Workshop, Actively Ageless, InTuneJune Back/Biceps/Booty Challenge, and the Nail Down Your Nutrition course.

In the following visual you will see my class schedule for the Actively Ageless, the Cooking With The Coach for the Wellness Workshop and my Cocktails with the coach schedule. For more information about 1, 3, and 6 month subscriptions you may want to visit my 2021 offerings page for descriptions & prices.

This following visual is for those who want the smaller, less intense challenges. Or, the challenges that serve as a great ADD on to what you are already doing.

This next visual is for those who need help with the nutrition piece of their journey.

If subscriptions aren’t your jam or you aren’t sure how often you can join, not to worry. I am offering a steep discount on punch passes. Punch passes will not include recordings, only the lives. If you are interested, reach out.